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TruTV – Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers


During Comic-Con San Diego, fans have a wealth of entertainment options. If you expect them to choose your event, you better do something special, especially if you are running an event at your own venue. And for the Impractical Jokers, that was our mission.

Our Solution:

We did something unexpected and original by taking over an art gallery and dedicating it entirely to the Impractical Jokers show. We created an exceptional museum experience, where fans were invited to view over fifty cast artifacts and fan art. We amped up the experience by providing breakfast and had artists in the museum to offer fake airbrush tattoos or provide Joker-inspired caricatures. All the while fans could browse the gallery at their leisure. Our role included locating the venue, sourcing the artwork, managing foot traffic, hosting a PR event and managing talent signing. Our efforts got a ton of attention at Comic-Con and beyond.