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AMC – Walking Dead

Walking Dead


If you’re going to be creating an experience for the Walking Dead at Comic-Con, you know expectations will be high because you’re creating for one of the biggest shows on television, with fans that have seen and expect it all. They want authenticity. They want shock. And they want zombies. So that’s what we delivered.

Our Solution:

We created a huge, unforgettable experiential build-out that became a focal point at Comic-Con, where fans got to experience trademark settings from the last season, like the walker-filled prison yard. And we didn’t just create the scene. We created the characters, as in real, live zombies. Our professional zombies underwent extensive training and makeup and never broke character. Fans that were brave enough to venture inside got multiple photo opportunities in the fully realized settings and with the fully dead characters. Of course, if they made it out alive, they couldn’t stop talking about it.